Children & Teens

Image by Юлія Дубина



In our therapeutic work with children, we focus on connecting with, and at times uncovering,

 the strength inherent in each child.

 Using an approach that is founded in attachment theory, child development, mindfulness, and play,

we guide children towards positive thinking, clarity of mind and change resilience.

This allows children to experience in themselves the ability to be resilient, strong, curious, and optimistic.

We work collaboratively with the caregivers and parents of each child to ensure maximum success

"Woven into our work with children and teens is nature-based connection and play"

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It takes a special approach to work effectively with adolescents. 

Our psychologists  recognize it is essential to begin with a strong rapport with each teen and then moving, shifting and creating change from that foundation of safety and connection. 

Our holistic approach resonates with most teenagers and once they realize the potential for change, therapy can become an exploration and experimentation for the practices and ways in which balance can be achieved.

Image by Morgan Sessions