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Therapy will be a collaborative effort between you and a psychologist, who will work together in partnership to create meaningful change in your life. Our therapists will work with you to draw upon your inner strength and provide you with skills to overcome life's challenges. Our staff stay up to date on new developments in research supported techniques, and use an eclectic approach in our therapy, one that is focused on your needs. Therapy often takes place in weekly 50-minute sessions, and can be either brief or long-term. We will work within a timeframe to meet your individual needs. Ongoing therapy can be supplemented with telephone or internet meetings.

We now offer personal coaching services. Click here to read more.

Psychological assessment helps with diagnosis, treatment, and decision-making for individuals and families. (1) Psychoeducational assessments for children provide recommendations for parents and teachers to improve the likelihood of success in academic endeavours. (2) Recent changes in Alberta's Guardianship and Trusteeship Act  require all persons for whom guardianship or trusteeship is considered to obtain a capacity assessment of their personal and financial decision making ability. We are experienced with assessment in these areas, and will help provide guidance and direction. More information on these legislative changes are available here. (3) Cognitive assessment for individuals following a brain injury or stroke can help to identify difficulties in thinking skills and provide strategies and recommendations for improving daily living.

Psychologist fees are not covered by Alberta Health Care, however they are often reimbursable in whole or in part by Extended Health Care Plans or Employee Assistance Programs. They are also a tax deductible medical expense. Our fees are based upon the Psychologist Association of Alberta fee schedule.

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