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As we go through life there are times when we encounter difficulties, obstacles, or challenges. These struggles can frustrate and overwhelm us, and prevent us from engaging fully with life. They also present us with an opportunity to change our lives for the better. A psychologist can help you to navigate these difficulties. Some common difficulties that bring cleints to psychotherapy include:

  • Feelings of depression including sadness, loneliness, or hopelessness
  • Feelings of anxiety, worry, fear, or panic
  • Relationship difficulties including communication, intimacy, or trust
  • Life's losses such as bereavement, grief, or divorce
  • Finding meaning and purpose in life
  • Coping with stress
  • Coping following trauma, disabilities, accidents, or medical conditions
  • Problematic anger
  • Dependance on drugs or alcohol
  • Chronic pain

If one or more of these difficulties sound familiar, we invite you to contact us,
and transform your struggle into an opportunity for change.

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