Cirrus Psychology Services 

A Humanistic Approach to
Psychological Wellness

Our blend of humanistic psychotherapy is an integrative approach, grounded in resilience and capacity building. 

We focus on the connection between mind, body, and energy, while humbly attempting to understand and honour the complexity of the human journey. 

All of this occurs within an environment that is nurturing and empowering. We guide and empower people to move towards  wellness and wholeness through adaptation and integration at all levels of being.

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Our guiding principle is rooted in humanistic psychology and the vision that all people are holistic and intrinsically


of healing


Human growth, change and

healing occur

when people are viewed as

whole and

unique persons.

Ultimately, in

addition to

moving beyond painful problems

and repetitive disappointing patterns, therapy allows the emergence of something new that connects and unifies one’s sense of self.

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Our intention in the therapeutic relationship is to support and compassionately recognise 

people for who they are and

where in their life journey they currently find themselves.

Therapy is a collaboration that creates movement in one’s  life by feeling accepted and empowered.










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We believe that every Client is Unique. Your needs deserve special consideration, which

is why our

approach to each

client is tailored

to your specific needs and draws from the many counselling

and psychotherapeutic methods that we have studied. We use an

Functional Approach

that is individualized to help clients in a way that serves them best.

Each client is assured the highest level of psychological service from our experienced


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We Believe in the power of


Fundamental to our


work is the

establishment of a

comfortable working relationship

in a safe and trusting


where clients are

invited to

explore and grow in a

manner that 

feels right to them.

On The Wings Of Freedom - Birds Flying A
Transformational Approach to Change

We believe that engagement in the therapeutic process allows for  whole being transformation, a process from which new insight or wisdom emerges. When this occurs it produces a change in beliefs and values and a new behavior results, and a different experience of life is engaged.


The old way of seeing and experiencing life no longer makes sense and new beliefs and ways of engaging life are born.

The moment this life changing insight is integrated, a shift is activated. We begin to resonate with life at a new level. More/greater growth and possibility are available.


This transformation is possible for anyone.

"You are one decision away from a different life"


Individual Therapy

Couples Therapy

Family Therapy


Group therapy

Above the Clouds


Cirrus Psychology was founded in 2009 and is dedicated to providing high quality psychological services to the Central Alberta area. The name Cirrus was chosen as a symbol that change is imminent,

because it always is.



Cirrus Psychology Services

#102, 228 Spruce Street Red Deer, AB.  T4E 1B4